Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bush and Blair up the rhetoric on Iran DBI

Thursday's Daily Briefing on Iran.
Blair calls for alliance to tackle 'extremism' in Iran.
  • The Times Online reported that Tony Blair called on moderate Muslim states across the Middle East to unite to tackle the "forces of extremism" in Iran.
Bush forcefully rejects direct talks with Syria, Iran.
  • The Mercury News reported that President Bush on Wednesday voiced his strongest opposition yet to talking directly to Iran and Syria.
Snow: Iran Deserves Democracy.
  • reported that Presidential spokesman Tony Snow said the United States wants to send a message to Iran that its government is making closer relations impossible.
Ahmadinejad: Iran now nuclear power.
  • YNet News reported that Ahmadinejad announced Wednesday: Iran is now a "nuclear power."
Ahmadinejad Says UK, Israel , US to 'Vanish Like the Pharaohs'
  • AFX News reported that Ahmadinejad predicted that the UK, Israel and the US would eventually disappear from the world like the Egyptian pharaonic kings.
Basij forces hunting down student protesters.
  • Iran Press News reported that Iranian students, who in demonstrations last week showed their wrath against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, now in fear of retributions from his supporters, have gone into hiding.
  • BBC News reported that Ahmadinejad, by trying to stop students getting involved in politics, his government has antagonized them.
  • The New York Times reported on last weeks student demonstrations against Ahmadinejad in Tehran . Photos.
  • Adnkronos International reported on an Italian rally in support of Iranian students who staged a protest against president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad last week to be attended Thursday by student activists and politicians across the political spectrum.
A vote for change?
  • Amir Taheri, Gulf News reported that the real winner of last weeks "election" in Iran was its Supreme Leader, Khamenei. He can count on a solid bloc of 40 seats held by his own allies while the two rival factions, respectively led by Ahmadinejad and Rafsanjani would be in no position to master a majority against him.
In the spectacle of the so-called elections in Iran ballot boxes “get lost”
  • Iran Press News reported that Mehdi Karubi the leader of the so-called ruling reformists said: "According to reports some boxes arrived from the polling stations to the elections headquarters only today and one must wonder where they’ve been so far."
British soldier 'gave Army secrets to Iran '
  • The Times Online reported a British soldier has been charged with passing secret information linked to the military campaign in Afghanistan to Iran.
Here are a few other news items you may have missed.
  • Iran Press News reported that the French judiciary is investigating bribes paid that the French oil company TOTAL paid the regime in Tehran for more lucrative gas contracts.
  • The Scotsman reported that the Islamic Republic is said to have defied international pleas for clemency and hanged three ethnic Arabs convicted of "waging war on God".
  • Iran Press News reported that Mansour Osanlou, director of the greater Tehran bus drivers union was released from Evin prison.
  • Photos of regime agents tearing down Iranian citizens’ satellite dishes and taking them away…
  • DryBonesBlog published a cartoon: Baker Explains.
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