Thursday, December 14, 2006

Iran rejects UN. So? What's new? DBI

Thursday's Daily Briefing on Iran.
Iran rejects new UN resolution in advance - Larijani.
  • RIA Novosti> reported that Iran has rejected in advance a new UN Security Council resolution.
Ahmadinejad faces popularity test in Iran elections.
  • Reuters reported that Ahmadinejad faces the first test of his popularity since coming to power 16 months ago with elections on Friday for local councils and a powerful clerical assembly.
Move to Bring Genocide Case Against Ahmadinejad.
  • The Guardian reported that John Bolton, is backing a call for the president of Iran to be charged with inciting genocide because of his speeches advocating the destruction of the state of Israel.
Tehran's Holocaust Lesson.
  • The Washington Post reported on Ahmadinejad's Holocaust conference which included invitees such as: David Duke, a former Ku Klux Klan leader; Georges Theil, a Frenchman who has called the Holocaust "an enormous lie"; and Fredrick Toeben, a German-born Australian whose specialty is the denial of Nazi gas chambers.
Radio Free Iran: Down with music. Up with ideas.
  • The Weekly Standard reviewed the work of Radio Farda and argued it has fallen into the public diplomacy trap of advocating for America rather than stimulating debate within the targeted society.
EU Condemns Re-Arrest of Iranian Union Leader.
  • Reuters reported that the EU condemned the re-arrest of an Iranian union leader and called on Tehran to respect rights of freedom of expression and trade union membership.
  • Global Unions called for protests against the re-arrest of Iranian bus union leader Mansour Osanloo, the president of the Tehran bus workers' union.
The Mullahs Ruling Iran Are Not Iranians.
  • The American Thinker reported on the often overlooked fact that many of the leading mullahs ruling in Iran and their mercenaries are not Iranians themselves.
'Distant threats' push Israel to boost warplanes' range.
  • USA Today reported that Israel 's air force plans to enhance its air-refueling capabilities, increasing the range of its warplanes. The changes come as Iran emerges as an increasing threat.
Here are three news items you may have missed.
  • Jewish Journal reported that a group of local Iranian Jewish activists spoke out in protest of the Dec. 4 appearance of Maurice Motamed, the only Jewish representative to the Iranian parliament, in West Hollywood.
  • Nasrin Alavi, OpenDemocracy reported that an outwardly confident Ahmadinejad is finding his presidency being corroded by elite division and student protest.
  • Gary Varvel, published a cartoon: Crazy Statements.
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