Monday, December 11, 2006

Iran warns EU3; EU3 Yawns: DBI

Monday's Daily Briefing on Iran.
Iran warns EU3 against sanctions: Iran will definitely revise ties with IAEA.
  • Iranian Student News Agency reported that Iran 's foreign ministry spokesman, Mohammad Ali Husseini stated that three European countries had chosen the wrong path and if a resolution was issued against Iran that ended in imposition of sanction, then Iran would definitely revise its relationships with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
Kaplinsky: Iran will have nuclear arms capability 'in near future'
  • Haaretz reported that Major General Moshe Kaplinsky, deputy chief of staff of the Israel Defense Forces said that Iran will achieve nuclear weapons capability "in the near future."
Syria preparing its army for war with Israel.
  • Haaretz reported that the head of the research division of Military Intelligence said that Syrian President Bashar Assad is preparing for a war with Israel.
The Islamic Republic's Big Vote - December 15th.
  • Stratfor reported that Iranians will vote Dec. 15 in elections for the Assembly of Experts (AoE) and municipal leaders. The AoE vote will determine the country's future domestic politics and international relations at a time when the Islamic Republic is reaching an impasse.
Bush Aides Seek Alternatives to Iraq Study Group's Proposals, Calling Them Impractical.
  • The New York Times reported that Administration officials say their preliminary review of the bipartisan Iraq Study Group’s recommendations has concluded that many of its key proposals are impractical or unrealistic, and a small group inside the National Security Council is now racing to come up with alternatives to the panel’s ideas.
The University is Alive.
  • Dana Shahsavari, Rooz Online reported on this past week's “The University is Alive” protests by student groups in Tehran . Its goal was to commemorated the slain students while also protest the type of management that the school had been subjected to in the last 2 years.
Here are four news items you may have missed.
  • Michael Ledeen, Faster Please! provides evidence that the Associate Press is fighting for the cherished position of this generation’s version of The Goon Show….”
  • Mark Steyn, The Chicago Sun reviewed the Illustrious Seniors' Group and something called the "Iraq International Support Group."
  • Richard Miniter, Pajamas Media reported that Richard Perle said: “The seminal mistake was getting into an occupation… We sent in 8,000 Americans to administer Iraq like you’d administer Montgomery county…. It was an absurd transplantation, and the body of Iraq rejected it.”
  • Gary Varvel, published a cartoon: Ahmadinejad Approves! of the Iraq Study Group.
Thank you Doctor Zin and Team for bringing us the news from inside the 'wall of silence'. Keep up the good work, and have a good day.