Sunday, December 31, 2006

Islamic threats in Somalia

Here is an article written about the situation in Somalia. Read this and tell me we have no problem with Islam. Somali Troops Close In on 3 Wanted for U.S. Embassy Bombings.

This article by Fox News actually validates what I have been leaving in comments all over the place. That we have been involved in protecting the people in the Horn of Africa (HOA) for years. We have also been helping them with health concerns, education, sewage reform, etc. Yes, we are doing good things all over the world, but do not look to your TV or the newspapers to give you this information.

I have a few sites: Causes of Interest, DoD Daily News and Knickerbocker News in which you may read articles about all of these activies. Well, maybe not all of these, but many more than you will from the dinosaur press!

I also have a site called Love America First which is shared with many people. You may also read others writings on current issues. Have a great new year!

Other sites with information on this subject:, OPFOR and View from the Porch,

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