Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Assassination attempt of al-Sistani Foiled

Tuesday's Daily Briefing on Iran.
Attack on Grand Ayatollah al-Sistani foiled.
  • KLTV reported that Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani and other top Shiite religious figures were the apparent targets of an insurgent plot thwarted in an intense battle near the Shiite Muslim holy city of Najaf.
Iran's Role in Iraq Will Be Exposed.
  • Eli Lake, The New York Sun reported that new evidence of Iran's role in Iraq will be made in Baghdad by the chief spokesman for the multinational forces in Iraq, Major General William Caldwell. [He changed his mind. It did not happen.]
Bush warns Iran against action in Iraq.
  • Chron.com reported that President Bush said Monday the United States "will respond firmly" if Iran escalates military action in Iraq and endangers American forces.
PM: Israel Won't Let World Sink into Apathy Over Iran.
  • The Jerusalem Post reported that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert used the cabinet discussion Sunday on anti-Semitism to warn against the threat to Israel emanating from Iran.
Genocide Awaits us, The U.N. and Iran.
  • Anne Bayefsky, National Review Online argued that the U.N. provides sustenance for the Iranian genocidal threat, which is directed at Israel now, and America next.
  • Die Judische reported that a coalition of leading human rights groups from around the world today called on UN human rights officials to rebuke Iran for its campaign of Holocaust denial on the day the UN marks the genocide of Europe’s Jews with ceremonies in New York and Geneva. [No such luck.]
German leader: Iran should stop threats on Israel.
  • The Jerusalem Post reported that the president of Germany 's parliament used a speech commemorating victims of the Holocaust Monday to criticize an Iranian conference last year questioning the Nazis' slaughter of Jews. [Good on you!]
Saudi King Warns Iran to Stay Out of Iraq.
  • NPR reported that in a rare comment over the weekend, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia warned that Iran is not only interfering in Iraqi affairs, but is attempting to spread Shiite Islam in the majority-Sunni Middle East.
  • Reuters reported that a leading Shi'ite cleric said Saudi Shi'ites would not be dragged into a sectarian conflict in the region and that their loyalty was to the kingdom and not Iran.
El Baradei's Idea for `Timeout' With Iran Is Rejected by U.S.
  • Bloomberg reported that the U.S. today rejected a proposal by the head of the United Nations' nuclear watchdog agency for a "simultaneous'' freeze on Iran 's uranium enrichment and on Security Council sanctions adopted last month.
Iranian nuclear scientist dies under mysterious circumstances.
  • Adnkronos International reported that one of Iran's top nuclear scientists, Ardeshir Hassanpour, a professor at the university of Shiraz , has died under mysterious circumstances.
The Islamic regime follows in the footsteps of the Taliban to destroy ancient Persian heritage.
  • Iran Press News reported that starting next week Ahmadinejad intends to destroy a sacred part of Iran ’s heritage by submerging the capital of the father of the Iranian nation, Cyrus the Great, a sacred part of Iran ’s ancient history and culture.
  • Petition Online featured a petition to UNESCO World Heritage Committee Members regarding the Islamic Republic's plan to destroy the archaeological sites of Pasargad and Persepolis -- some of humanity's most prized cultural heritage.
Secularists of Islamic Societies Gather for Unprecedented Summit.
  • The Secular Islam Summit announced an unprecedented gathering of secularists of Islamic societies in which leading dissidents seek to launch a movement for reason, pluralism, and freedom of conscience, March 4-5 in St. Petersburg , Florida.
Here are seven news items you may have missed.
  • The Guardian reported that Shell has signed an important deal to help Iran develop a major gas field, ignoring growing pressure from George Bush to isolate the country.
  • Gregory R. Copley, Defense & Foreign Affairs provided an analysis on former US Secretary of State Baker attempt to bypass the Bush White House on Iran.
  • Iran Press News reported that the current permanent representative of the Islamic republic to the United Nations, Mohammad Javad Zarif draws to a close, he is being replaced with an individual who has no diplomatic experience whatsoever and comes from the field of economics.
  • Inter Press Service reported that Ahmadinejad has submitted to Iranian parliament a budget bill for the fiscal year starting Mar. 21 that factors in the possibility of falling oil prices to "neutralize the plots of the enemies" of Iran.
  • Iran Press News reported that three of the women's movement activists were arrested in Imam Khomeini Airport.
  • Barry Rubin, The Jerusalem Post reported on a simulation game for a European military command. At the start, I gave the premise of the exercise as being that Iran had just obtained nuclear weapons. Then I asked the US "leader" how his country would respond. He explained that he would first consult with America's European allies.
  • Mike Shelton, Town Hall published a cartoon: Who's behind the unrest in Lebanon.
Thank you, Doctor Zin and Team, for continuing doing such a great job bringing us the news from behind 'the wall of silence.' It is appreciated. Have a nice day everyone.