Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Iran will win the next world war: DBI

Wednesday's Daily Briefing on Iran.
Ahmadinejad: Iran will win the next world war.
  • Patrick Clawson, World Jewish Digest reminded us that Ahmadinejad told Kofi Annan that though Britain and the United States had won the last world war, Iran would win the next.
Ahmadinejad to West: 'You are nobody'.
  • The Jerusalem Post reported that Ahmadinejad scorned the UN Security Council's imposing sanctions on Iran , telling a crowd Tuesday that Iran had humiliated the United States in the past and would do so again.
Iran: 3,000 centrifuges 'operational by March'.
  • YNet News reported that an Iranian official said some 3000 centrifuges currently being installed at the Iranian nuclear reactor in Natanz will be operational by March of this year.
Iran Manufactures Satellite Rockets.
  • Fars News reported that an Iranian legislative official said that a satellite rocket recently made by Iranian scientists will soon have a lift-off.
Iran: Hitler was a Jew.
  • YNet News reported that adviser to President Ahmadinejad claims Nazi leader was Jew who conspired with USSR and Britain to establish Jewish state.
West Tries a New Tack to Block Iran 's Nuclear Agenda.
  • The New York Times reported that the US and Europe have embarked on a new strategy to increase the financial and psychological pressure on Iran.
Covert US group plots to isolate 'rising' Iran.
  • reported that a select group of US officials has been quietly coordinating actions for nearly a year to counter the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran.
Here are two news items you may have missed.
  • The International Herald Tribune reported that a respected Israeli think tank said Iran will possess nuclear weapons unless military action is taken against it, and Israel would be capable of carrying out such an attack.
  •, an Iranian satire blog published a photo many Iranians long to see.
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