Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Why the Bush Administration thought Iran wanted stability

Wednesday's Daily Briefing on Iran.
Why the Bush administration thought Iran wanted a stable Iraq ...
  • Eli Lake, The New York Sun argued that when President Bush announced the new Iraq strategy, acknowledging that Iran was effectively at war with us in Iraq by supplying terrorists with advanced improvised explosives, his thoughts turned to Lawrence Franklin and the in 2002, the Bush administration decision that locked America into an impossible position.
First-ever Communiqué by the GCC, U.S. Plus Egypt and Jordan.
  • The Wall Street Journal reported that the foreign ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council met to discuss regional security and peace; and released its first ever communiqué. The participants welcomed the commitment by the United States as stated in President Bush recent speech to defend the security of the Gulf.
Iran 'Taking Control of Basra by Stealth'
  • The Telegraph reported that >Iranian intelligence is preparing for complete dominance of southern Iraq when the British withdraw by penetrating Basra 's security network and political parties, it can be revealed.
British Navy Ships Move to Counter Iran
  • News Max reported that Britain 's Royal Navy is sending two minesweepers to the Persian Gulf, beefing up an allied effort to thwart Iran 's growing power in the region.
Saudis back US Iraq strategy as fears grow over Iran 's influence.
  • The Telegraph reported that Saudi Arabia declared yesterday that it held Iraq 's Shia-led government responsible for its sectarian strife and warned that America 's new war strategy would fail without a radical change of heart by the Baghdad leadership.
Saudi Says 'No Thanks' To Oil Weapon.
  • Neil King Jr, The Wall Street Journal argued that while Condoleezza Rice's trip to Riyadh the question inevitably arose: Might Saudi Arabia pump up oil exports to drive down the price of crude, thereby squeezing the Iranian economy?
China, Russia on Road to Abandoning Iran.
  • ISN Security Watch reported that the willingness of friendly countries such as China and Russia to abandon their erstwhile hesitancy and endorse limited sanctions against Iran should be seen as a small but decisive victory for the beleaguered Bush administration.
What is Ahmadinejad's agenda?
  • Amir Taheri, Gulf News reported that Ahmadinejad's trip to Latin America is a response to the recent trip to the Middle East by British Premier Tony Blair and the US Secretary of Sate Condoleezza Rice who came to probe the possibility of crating a " bloc of moderate states" to oppose Iran's alleged ambitions.
Ahmadinejad's Future in Doubt as MPs Rebel and Economic Crisis Grows.
  • The Guardian reported that Ahmadinejad has suffered a potentially fatal blow to his authority after the country's supreme leader gave an apparent green light for MPs to attack his economic policies.
Here are a few other news items you may have missed.
  • The Guardian reported that the U.S. military has sold forbidden equipment at least a half-dozen times to middlemen for countries - including Iran and China - who exploited security flaws in the Defense Department's surplus auctions. The sales include fighter jet parts and missile components.
  • Peoples Daily reported that an Iranian official claimed that Iranian troops have shot down a U.S. pilot less spy plane recently.
  • International Herald Tribune reported that Jacques Chirac has begun a unilateral diplomatic initiative toward Iran to help resolve the crisis in Lebanon , despite opposition from his own foreign minister.
  • myTelus reported that the campaign to bring world attention to a young woman facing an unjust death sentence in Iran has born fruit thanks to the efforts of former Miss World Canada.
  • SignOnSanDiego reported that Iran has denied it asked Saudi Arabia to ease tension with Washington.
  • Ken Catalino, Town Hall published a cartoon: Iran will help us in Iraq.
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