Saturday, February 10, 2007

Free Jack Idema Blogburst 2/10/2006

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I must add my two cents here. This is breaking my heart. This is the one man who can catch bin Ladin, and our government keeps him locked him locked up in prison because they are embarrassed?! How dare you! I am ashamed of you.

Our State Department refused him fresh water, food, blankets, letters, and everything we have to provide for these freakin' terrorists! I want some heads to roll.

You see, Jack Idema was found NOT GUILTY of any crimes way back in 2004. So why is he still in prison? Ask the State Department. They are the ones working with our enemies. Damn traitors.

The rest is written by Cao and Rotty.
    This is the post that those of us who've campaigned for Jack Idema's release have always dreaded we'd have to write. However. The Kabul Times is reporting the following:
    Persistent rumors support an armed confrontation at Pul-e-Charki Prison in Afghanistan, which resulted in the death or serious injury of an American Citizen.

    While the exact days are unclear, one unnamed source in the Afghan Ministry of Justice has stated an American held at Afghanistan’s Central Prison was killed during a stand-off with government forces. Another source in the paramilitary division of the Ministry of Justice has stated that although the American appears to be seriously wounded, he is still barricaded inside his prison area and holding off a large ANA, Afghanistan National Army, contingent sent to extract him by President Hamid Karzai.


    General Mohammed Kaiz at the Ministry of Justice claims “Mr. Jack freed our people, the terrorists hated him. They tried to kill him many times. The people of Bamiyan will miss him and remember his courage.”

    Bamiyan is a province dominated by the Hazara tribe in western Afghanistan. Kaiz would not comment on the actual fate of Idema, only offer his sympathy to Idema’s family, quite possibly the only comment needed to sort out the mystery.
    Certainly Jack has been in dire straits many times before, and quite surely any news report that reaches us via email and contains references to events taking place in September 2007 is suspect. But. No one at our end has been in direct contact with Jack for over a week now, and the images we received out of Pulacharke back in January were not pretty.

    For now, all we can do is keep Jack and his family in our hopes and prayers.

    This does not look good, not good at all.
Please excuse my outburst, but I hope you understand that I have been here since I found out about it. That's at least a couple of years we've been trying to get him released. If he dies or is murdered, his blood is on our governments hands. DO NOT TRUST OUR GOVERNMENT TO HELP YOU. Forget about these social program. They are a snare to keep you poor so when it comes time for re-election they can point to YOU whom they've MADE poor. Do you see a cycle here? DO IT YOURSELF. You can do whatever the government offers 100% better, and it will cost you 1000 times less.

I would say have a nice day, but instead I am going to ask you pray for Jack and his family. If you don't believe in God, so what? I don't really care about you right now! Who the hell are you to order me not to ask people to pray? Go away, you troll.