Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Free Jack Idema Blogburst 2/21/2007

And we wait, and we wait.

It's been three weeks now since anyone heard from Jack Idema, and the silence is, as they say, deafening.

On the plus side Jack's attorney, John Tiffany, has said that he's (we quote) 'Okay'.

Quite what 'okay' means is something we're trying to work out -- Does it mean that nothing has changed since Jack's January battles with Karzai's troops? That Jack's alive, but injured? That Jack's been moved to Bagram Airbase? That Jack's been moved (which is something Jack himself feared) to solitary-confinement cell No. 2 in Tawab Keef prison? We. Just. Don't. Know.

While we continue to wait this one out (but with more optimism than a week ago) here's a video of Jack Idema, the 'soldier of fortune', the 'mercenary' and the 'torturer' hard at work 'oppressing' the Afghan people:

One of the women Jack dragged out of her earthquake-demolished home back in 2002 had spent hours crouching over her newly-born baby daughter. Sharifa named the child Suzzana Viktoria, after Jack's wife.

Right now, it's to be hoped that little Suzzana grows up in a world that will eventually exonerate and honour the brave American who made her life possible. Because, really, it's a frightening thought that someday she'll have to learn about how Jack Idema wound up, alone, in Tawab Keef prison.

And so we wait. And so we hope.

So what can we do? Well, anyone reading this with their own blog can sign up for the weekly Free Jack Idema Blogburst by emailing Cao or Rottweiler Puppy for details. I'd urge everyone to do this, as we're still terribly short on takers. If you want to know more about the story, Cao's Blog has a large section devoted to Jack Idema. There's also a timeline here, and, of course, a huge amount of information is available over at SuperPatriots, without whose work none of us would have learned about Jack's story.

Finally, PLEASE NOTE: The SuperPatriots and Jack images on this site are used with WRITTEN COPYRIGHT PERMISSION and any use by any third party is subject to legal action by SuperPatriots.US

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