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Free Jack Idema Blogburst: 2/7/2007

In telling the story of illegally-imprisoned US Special Forces soldier Jack Idema, it's important not to forget the loyalty and support shown by his allies in the Northern Alliance.

These were the men who fought alongside US and British Special Forces (Jack included), pushing the Taliban out of power in 2001. Idema continued to fight Islamofascists alongside the Northern Alliance for two more years, and in that time earned considerable respect from the men he served with -- At the time of Jack and Brent's arrest in July 2004, Task Force Sabre 7 (Jack's team) included four Northern Alliance soldiers. Rather than identifying the men correctly (that is, by name and, where applicable, rank) the media referred to them simply as 'Afghans', implying, perhaps, that they were little more than Idema's hired-thugs.

This did the four -- Major Ezmerai, Lieutenant Wahid Rasuli 'Zorro', Syhail and Sherzai -- a great disservice.

All belonged to the Afghan faction loyal to Commander Ahmed Shah Massoud, the military genius who defeated the Soviets and led free Afghan forces against the Taliban. Although Commander Massoud was assassinated by terrorists two days prior to 9/11, his men continued to fight for a free Afghanistan. Here's Lieutenant ‘Zorro’ Wahid Rasuli, who was also part of Idema's team, talking about his beliefs and honour code:
If someone thinks about his life so he just cares about his personal life that is one thing, but if someone think about the peoples' life it means he would care about his country's improvement, being comfortable, being safe in dangerous time— that is better. This is the way Commander Massoud was thinking.

I remember that day, which is when Commander Massoud said to the world, "Wake up world, wake up from this long sleep and do not dream more, because these terrorists are not just my enemy, they are my country's enemy, indeed they are the world's enemy and they are the humans right's enemy."

The God forgive him, he tried and repeated more but no one heard the courage in his voice, no one. Until these terrorists destroyed even more countries and finally every one understood and found out, yeah, Commander Massoud was right. I'm the member who follow his way, I have dedicated my life to follow the way of Massoud because to save the world, my country, my family and so myself. The truth never be covered.

One day the truth will be like a mirror opposite the people's eyes, and every one will know that for sure. They will know what really happened and the true color of the terrorists and those Taliban who hide their dark heart and infiltrate back into our government.

Money, Power, Kissing ass and lies, all these would be for a short time but loyalty, truth, being honest never and everything falls down and it would set inside the people's heart forever.
For Zorro, and men like him, these aren't just words. During Jack's first trial, Zorro's 'ex'-Taliban guards forced him to spend a month in painful leg-restraints after he informed Idema that the court-appointed translator was failing to translate the Americans prisoners' words correctly.

Even more remarkable, after the four Afghan members of Task Force Sabre 7 were released on appeal, Zorro refused to leave Jack's side -- He remained in prison with Jack even though he was free to leave Pulacharke at any time.

Two things should be clear from this:
  • That the men Jack and Brent fought alongside are men of honour in the truest sense, and not the anonymous thugs they were portrayed as by the majority of MSM.
  • That, since loyalty rarely runs only one way, it should by apparent that Jack and Brent must also possess the very bravery, honour and integrity they inspired in others.
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