Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Terrorists using weapons from Iran

Tuesday's Daily Briefing on Iran.
Iraqi insurgents using Austrian rifles from Iran.
  • The Telegraph reported that Austrian sniper rifles that were exported to Iran have been discovered in the hands of Iraqi terrorists.
IAEA removes senior atom inspector from Iran post.
  • The Star reported that the veteran official who has overseen U.N. nuclear inspections in Iran has been removed from his post nine months after Tehran banned him from entering the country.
Too late to halt Iran ’s nuclear bomb, EU is told.
  • The Financial Times reported Iran will be able to develop enough weapons-grade material for a nuclear bomb and there is little that can be done to prevent it, an internal European Union document has concluded.
EU agrees on Iran sanctions but open to new talks.
  • The Star reported that the European Union agreed on Monday to implement U.N. sanctions on Iran while holding the door open to new talks with Tehran.
Ahmadinejad insists on right to atomic energy.
  • Adnkronos International reported that Ahmadinejad strongly asserted Iran 's right to civilian nuclear energy in an address to mark the 28th anniversary of the Islamic revolution. But instead of making his "big announcement" at the event, he promised to do so within two months.
Iranian President Ducks Charges that Iran is Arming Iraqi Insurgents.
  • Diane Sawyer, ABC News reported that in her interview with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, he refused to address accusations that his country was supplying weapons to insurgents in Iraq.
U.S. Officers Present Evidence for Iran Links to Soldier Deaths.
  • Eli Lake, The New York Sun reported that field investigations, serial number tracking, and interrogation transcripts helped convince a reluctant intelligence community and the Bush administration that Iran was a major factor in the deaths of American soldiers in Iraq.
Here are three news items you may have missed.
  • Amir Taheri, New York Post reported that when British Prime Minister Tony Blair evoked the idea of a bloc of moderate Arab states helping to stabilize the Middle East, many dismissed it as a pie in the sky: Yet due to four mistakes by Tehran it looks as if such a bloc is taking shape.
  • Amir Taheri, FrontPageMagazine.com reported that Lt. General David Petraeus begins his mission in Iraq with advantages over his predecessors. Nevertheless, Petraeus still faces a number of major problems - the most important one being uncertainty in Washington.
  • Michael Ledeen, Faster Please provides a follow up to his report on the "death" of the Iranian Supreme Leader. The Supreme Leader is not dead, yet.
Thank you, Doctor Zin and Team, for this news. It appears to be getting closer to a very scary place. Let us pray.