Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sudan's government attacks Darfurian civillians, kills 65

Chad: At least 65 killed in Sudan militia raid.

This has got to stop. How long shall we stand by and twiddle our thumbs? Allow me to spell it out for you. My black friends, please listen closely. The Sudanese government and their militia, the janjaweed, are racist animals. They are also IslamoFascists. They are going to murder all the black people until they leave. This is occurring in Africa. When, oh when, will the stones cry out?

Again the Human Rights groups are complaining. Well if you cannot determine that there is a genocide happening right in front of your face, go to hell. You do not give a damn. I am fed up with the whole lot of you loud mouthed do-nothings.

Will someone please help these people? Their crime? They have black skin. Hey, Jesse Jackson? I haven't heard one word from you. What's the matter? No money to be shaken down? You racist bastard.

Please excuse my cussing. I have been following this for years, and it just is too long. How many people have died because no one has the will nor the morality to put a stop to it? That's just what I thought. You do not have an answer either. Well I do.

First, we take a quick course to learn the language. Then we take all who will come and go kill the Sudanese government our damn selves. The janjaweed are Islamofascists. Many of us will die. More of them will die, though. Let us put an insurgency on them for a change!

You don't think violence is the answer? Okay, what is your way? Please, don't rape me kind sir? HA is what they would say as they beat you, raped you, tortured you (the real kind), and left you there to bleed to death. Maybe they would set you on fire. That is what they do. You want to talk to people like this? You go right ahead. When everyone else gets serious, pick up your head that rolled away after they severed it and get the hell out of the way. You are no longer credible nor do we want you in the way. Pathetic.

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