Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Justice for Jack Idema Blogburst 6/19/2007

It appears that no matter how many times we give the evidence, prove our case, tell the truth, there will always be those who believe in a media (which they never trust on anything else!) over the truth. It boggles my mind. Here is a new release from Rotty and Cao's Blog:
    US Special Forces soldier Jack Idema may no longer be illegally-imprisoned in Afghanistan, but his release from custody hasn't heralded a change of tack from the journalists who have consistently smeared his good name over the last three years.

    While blogs were reporting the truth about Idema's release last week, one Amir Shah, of the Associated Press, produced
    the following
    An American imprisoned in Afghanistan for running a private jail for terror suspects has left the Afghan prison where he was held for almost three years and departed the country, the warden said Wednesday.
    ... Which means -- What? That Jack served three years behind bars for running 'a private jail'? This is certainly what Amir would like his readers to think, though, as we know, Jack actually served just over six months for this before his conviction was quashed on appeal. For the remainder of his imprisonment (March 2005-June 2007), Jack was held illegally as a political prisoner.
    Jack Idema, a former Green Beret, was pardoned by President Hamid Karzai in late March as part of a general amnesty.
    A 'former' Green Beret? This is something we often hear from clueless journalists, but the fact is that a Green Beret, once awarded, is a distinction held for life.
I must admit my ignorance. I did not even know this. I know this about Marines, but not the Green Berets. Wait...are the Green Berets part of the Marines? Hmm.
    Not content with just obvious errors per-sentence, however, Amir then tries to sell us on the idea that it is possible to pardon a man who has already been declared innocent of any crime. This is something that both the State Department and President Karzai would very much like to convince us of -- After all, the position of graciously pardoning a convicted felon is far less embarrassing than admitting you've been legally outmanoeuvred by one of your own political prisoners.
I was wondering this myself. In order to get a pardon, don't you have to admit that you're guilty? Jack never did that. In fact, he was already declared INNOCENT. So you tell me, what is a general amnesty, and why would Jack need one when he had committed no crime?
    Of course in the short term, the only people capable of punching up to the weight of Karzai and the State Department are the MSM -- And instead of doing so, they continue to parrot lies and half-truths about the Idema case.
    In an e-mail to The Associated Press, Idema wrote, "I can't and won't tell anyone where I am and what I am doing."
    On the strength of Amir Shah's work this week, it's easy to see why Jack is no longer returning Big Media's calls.
If you trust and believe in our State Department, then you REALLY should NOT be ready anything I write! You, whoever you are, are a fool. You are not supposed to trust your government. That is why we have put up layers of obsticles and balances! So that we (they) can check one another to keep the government from overcoming us.

That is also the reason we have the 2nd Amendment. In case the government grows into something that looks nothing like its original form, nor means anything similiar, we could have a continental congress with 3/4's of the states or physical take it back. I am not arguing that we go to war with our country, I'm just letting you know that this is why the Founding Fathers thought it this important. They knew tyrannies grow out of straight democracies, and they hated them. That is another reason why they wrote a constitution for a REPUBLIC, not a democracy.May God be with you, Jack. He always knows the truth. Take comfort in that.