Friday, September 21, 2007

Columbia University rolls out red carpet for Ahmadinejad

Columbia University is trying to paint itself as a beacon of freedom of speech and opportunity by their move to invite Ahmadinejad over for a speaking engagement.   However one of their little secrets is that they have banned military recruiters since 1969 and will not sanction a ROTC program.

Prior to the Vietnam War, Columbia cadets had peacefully coexisted with their classmates since the inception of ROTC in 1916. Columbia’s dedication to service was profound—at one point in its history the university was producing more officers per year than even the U.S. Naval Academy. In spite of Columbia's military tradition, the administration expelled ROTC programs from campus in 1969 to appease student protesters and disgruntled faculty. When the war in Vietnam ended in 1975, students resumed their studies and the protests faded away. Columbia's ban on ROTC, however, has remained to this day.  Source: Advocates for Columbia ROTC.

On with the Columbia University - Ahmadinejad love affair, a marriage of questionable nature. 

Courtesy of NY Daily News:

Ripped for inviting Iranian thug

Prominent politicians, religious groups and some alumni were outraged yesterday at Columbia University's decision to allow Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to spew his hate on campus.......For the rest of the story  alumni were outraged

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This is the news you come to your own conclusions. 

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