Saturday, November 24, 2007

And now, a neutered Australia.

Interesting to see where the Aussie's will end up, now that they has cast aside Prime Minster Howard for a liberal leftist.

'Don't mention the war'
Alex Bainbridge, Sydney
17 November 2007

“We have a plan to withdraw from Iraq, while Mr Howard doesn’t” — with these words on October 14, ALP leader Kevin Rudd described the war on Iraq as one of five “critical areas where the difference [between Labor and the Coalition] couldn’t be clearer”. He then went on to virtually ignore the Iraq war throughout the rest of the election campaign.

True, Rudd did utter the words “I will implement an exit strategy for our combat forces from Iraq” in his opening address to the October 21 “great debate” between PM John Howard and Rudd. He was then silent on the topic until ABC journalist Chris Uhlmann asked Howard about “terrorism” towards the end of the 90-minute debate.

The left cheers that it is a great day for Australia with the mantra "Right wing thuggery defeated at long last."

I say, that is a very misguided analogy and that the leftist apologists and appeasers are rather naive and  willing to sell out the free world.  Don't they realize that they will be next?